What is a domain name?

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what is a domain name

A domain name is used to identify an IP address. The domain can also point to multiple IP addresses. For example, the domain points to multiple IP addresses. By using this too from

You will get the resulting IP addresses that the domain name points to:

aliases – addresses:

The acronym URL means uniform resource locator. The URL points to a particular page on the domain name, such as the sports page on AOL:

There are a number of domain extensions available for domain names. The king of them all is .com. The other two oldies are .net and .org. Today there are many extensions available. For example, there is a .XYZ extension and .me extension, plus many more. These new extensions with the right generic words are very valuable. Recently sold for $25,000 on Sedo.

If  you would like to register a domain name we recommend NameCheap.

Here’s a video talking some more about domain names:

Good luck with your domain buying and selling.

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